Nice to meet you!

Hi! Welcome to my very first blog post. Let me tell you a bit about myself and wat I’m doing here.

My name is Katja, and I have a huge passion for all things health and fitness. I started lifting weights in the gym during high school and continued throughout university. I started following the online fitness community and learning about nutrition and training practices. Over the years, I have figured out quite well what works and what doesn’t – at least for me personally. I’ve also discovered that a lot of misconceptions about health and fitness still exist out there, and that I enjoy helping and inspiring people to reach their goals.

In 2019, I graduated from my master’s degree in intercultural communication, which taught me to never take for granted our ‘normal’. We tend to think many things are ‘natural’, just because we are used to them, or consider to be false or useless anything that has not been proven by Western science. We may stigmatize people who don’t prioritize their health (at least in our view).

That is why I’m excited to explore different ways of looking at health, and sharing them with you! Hence the name of this blog: healthropology, or the anthropology (study of human societies and cultures) of health.

I hope to help you open your eyes – and mind – to a diverse set of healthy practices and traditions, and discover which ones may be worth a try for you. I’ll be writing about (weight) training and other forms of exercise, food and lifestyle habits that I come across in my exploration of health and fitness.

See you on the blog!



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